Why it’s OK to say no to Zoom parties during the coronavirus quarantine

As an introvert, I’d much rather lose myself in a book or puzzle than hop onto endless Zoom parties. As an introverted writer who happily works from home , self-isolation has always been a snap. My friends sometimes have to bribe me with fancy cheese and Star Trek wine […]

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Never Let a Crisis Go To Waste

The Context The coronavirus is spreading and for the first time in history virtually all people on earth are faced with the same, imminent common threat. With multifold stories of individual suffering and an unprecedented global lockdown, there is an intensifying call for an internationally coordinated response; it is […]

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In Europe, Cautious Steps Away From Coronavirus And Toward Normalcy

Customers wearing line up in front of a DIY store in Innsbruck, Austria, after it reopened on Tuesday, after shuttering to limit the spread of the new coronavirus. As the spread of the coronavirus appears to be slowing in certain parts of Europe, some nations are cautiously beginning to […]

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COVID-19’s mental health effects by age group: Children, college students, working-age adults and older adults

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in many quarantine and social isolation measures designed to keep individuals physically distanced from others for the foreseeable future. Although these initiatives are necessary to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, they may be causing widespread mental health effects, including depression and […]

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Optimizing the immunization activities of community chain pharmacists: Insights from a national survey.

Abstract OBJECTIVES: To assess (1) the practices, attitudes, and perceptions of immunizing chain community pharmacists regarding implementation of immunization services per the National Vaccine Advisory Committee (NVAC) Standards of Adult Immunization Practice and (2) how community pharmacists view the effectiveness of corporate initiatives toward improving immunization volumes. DESIGN: Following […]

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Expert advice and tips from Warwick Medical School on how to look after our wellbeing and mental health during the coronavirus pandemic

Looking after our wellbeing and mental health is vital in difficult times. Fear and anxiety can suppress our immune system, so finding ways to be kind to ourselves and others while we deal with the spread of COVID19 will boost our immune system and help fight infection explains Sarah […]

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Not all hand sanitisers work against coronavirus – here’s what you should use

Alcohol-based hand sanitisers work best. Photo/Getty Since the outbreak of COVID-19, sales of hand sanitisers have soared . It’s become such a sought-after product that pharmacies and supermarkets have started limiting the number that people can buy at one time. New York state has even announced it will start […]

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